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08 Oct


Posted by: 08/10/2010 09:04 GMT

The Animal Relentless Bike Tour returns from a rocking two days of blue sky shows in Dublin City University and NUI Maynooth Uni as part of a freshers week welcome for new students.

Special guest host Eoghan McDermott from local radio station Spin103.8 stepped in to take the reins with suitable Irish charm and cheek;

“Mart was riding great and I was pretty on-point too so the shows went ace – the gusty wind tried to unsettle me but I held true. I really liked the X-rated commentary Eoghan could get away with at these shows – it’s great normally having kids at shows as they always make tons of noise, but with Eoghan on the mic in front of a rowdy student crowd it made for a real laugh.” – Blake Samson

This is the Bike Tours second visit to Ireland in 2010 and again the crew were spoiled by the reception they were given, “It’s been a really cool couple of days, I met so many rad people and the feedback was great for the show. I think the students appreciated the Bike Tour distraction during their lectures – they certainly gave us some great support! They also loved the Relentless samples and Animal freebies we gave out – I bet they all went into their next lecture with re-newed focus.” – Martyn Ashton

photography: Robin Kitchin

The Tour returns back to the UK for its final 2010 dates in Plymouth city centre and at Battersea power station for the Freeze Festival – going to be an amazing end to an amazing year!