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02 Jun

Bournemouth Sevens 2011

Posted by: 02/06/2011 13:23 GMT

Animal Bike Tour is the big-hit at Bournemouth 7s!

The Bournemouth 7s is the largest festival of it’s kind in the World. The hard-riding of the Animal Bike Tour was a perfect distraction from the hard-hitting action on the pitch for the visitors to this awesome event. The general theme of the Bournemouth 7s is to feature fantastic sevens rugby, netball, great music, attractions like the Animal Bike Tour plus plenty of partying!

“This felt like a big weekend for us. Probably because it’s the first time we’ve seen the new 2011 Animal Bike Tour design and got to use the new equipment, we really wanted it all to go well. Thankfully the rig is already really fun to ride and I can see some awesome possibilities for this year’s riding. The new design looks so good too – we are all really happy with that.” Martyn Ashton

Blake Samson was rushing off to the FISE event in France to hook up with his Bike Riders United team mate and friend of the bike show Sam Pilgrim right after this event and his riding was really on fire. The up-coming comp obviously on his mind and pushing him to go for some really big tricks.

“I was under pressure from Martyn all weekend, he takes the amount of effort in each show very seriously and treats each one like a mini comp. That’s really good for me because neither of us like to loose so it gets gnarly out there sometimes. With FISE just round the corner it was time to push my limits and I was really happy with the results – I landed some massive tricks, including a flip/whip that was clean to pedals, that’s quite difficult on a jump this size.” Blake Samson

The weather had proved a problem at times, gusting winds always make for some interesting riding, especially for Blake when he’s jumping so high into the air. However the guys always try to put on a show no matter what the weather so this weekends gusts were easy to handle. The new riding equipment was the real challenge because small changes can make a big difference to the show plan.

“I’ve been so nervous about riding on the new equipment. It looks so good and I wanted to start the season with fun shows. When you have a good time on the rig it’s easy to put on a good show, much harder the other way around.” Martyn

The Animal Bike Tour now skips a weekend so the final bits from the new design can be added and the crew can attend FISE and the Fort William W/Cup DownHill event. Blake will be filming in FISE so look forward to a wicked BRU production from there. Meanwhile Martyn and Robin are on their way to Fort Bill to document Steve Peat’s and the Atherton’s weekend of racing at the D/Hill W/Cup!