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16 Aug

Falmouth Week 2011

Posted by: 16/08/2011 14:20 GMT

Falmouth was the amazing start of the longest stint on the road yet for the Animal Bike Tour.

Photography: Robin Kitchin

Falmouth Week has grown into one of the largest sailing regattas in the southwest, with more than 300 yachts racing over eight days, and a lively programme of shore side events of which the ABT would be a part for the first time. We’re always looking toward supporting new events, and with an Animal store not far from the proposed site, we had eagerly inked Falmouth Week into the calendar.

The scenery over looking the harbour was fantastic, so much so that even Roger Moore had purchased a house with the same view from the opposite side of the water…some say, in anticipation of our arrival! This was rather fitting as one of the Bike Tour’s mottos has always been ‘If it’s good enough for James Bond it’s good enough for us’.

All was still during the set up, and we wondered if many people would find us in what was a rather secret space, but time would prove our worries ill founded. By first show it seemed both holidaymakers and locals were up and hungry, word being spread of what was going down by the Animal store staff’s enthusiasm and the banging tunes rattling through Falmouth from the shows huge sound system.

“It was nice to have a short break prior to this mammoth run of shows, but I couldn’t wait to get back on the road, especially to a new event. Blake and I felt fully recharged and ready to make an impression!”
Martyn Ashton

And an impression he and the team indeed made; word spreading as far of the attractive ears of Brad Pitt – he apparently had director Marc Forster halt filming of his new movie World War Z, which he was shooting on a battle ship across the harbour from the show, to check us. Apparently as an ode to the spectacle he had excitedly witnessed, if you listen very closely in one of the battle scenes you will be able to hear the faint cheers of glory as Martyn and Blake perform the Grande Finale!

Photography: Philip Farndon

Before the last show we, for the third time this year, let the Red Arrows warm up what was a phenomenally big crowd. As our area was one of the best viewing spots for their display we ran the BBC commentary though our sound system – giving an in-depth insight in to what was happening in the air above. 30,000 was the official estimate out to witness the event, and as they rocketed off towards the horizon the music started pumping and is wasn’t long before we embarked upon one of the busiest shows of the year under the evening sun.

A quick mention has to go to the Tapas bar we were invited to it by its Kiwi owner, where at 10pm the restaurant turns into a strip club…very off putting when halfway through your Chopitos!

“I was so glad Brad and Roger could make the show. Brad was round my house the other day and I was worried he was still trapped in the flashing-colour-box in the front room!”
Blake Samson