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06 Oct

Red Bull Pro National – Culham

Posted by: 06/10/2011 17:25 GMT

‘Rolling thunder, pouring rain’ would have been a terminally ill-fitting lyric if Bon Scott of ACDC had been singing about the final stop of the Redbull pro National in Culham Park. An ode closer to reality would have been ‘defining thunder of fifty 250cc MX bikes launching from a starting gate under clear blue sky!’

Having had almost two full weeks of well-deserved recuperation after Windfest, the Animal Bike Tour crew were chomping at the bit to get back on the road. And what better an event to unleash their fury of pent up awesomeness than the 7th and final stop of the Red Bull Pro National Motocross Championship series.

Each stop of the series is a two-day festival style event, with the fastest and most exciting motocross racing in the country. It’s a massive draw for petrol heads and family’s alike. As well as more than thirty races over the two days, including National Championship races, there is a plethora of alternative action to keep everyone entertained day and night.

Photos: Ian Roxburgh/Events22

All was still as we turned off the road and began rolling through dirt tracks, across fields and grassland. We wondered what was install for us at our final destination, the Culham Park MX track. But as we neared, the distant hum of finely tuned engines gradually became more prominent, and as we apexed the final hill we were faced with the full magnitude of the RB Pro Nationals!

Enormous race trucks bearing huge sponsor logos lined the surrounding fields of the monstrous MX track, which was already scattered with riders practicing for their heats. So while setting up in front of the FMX Live Tour ramp we felt rather like a young David in a sea of Goliath’s….and, well, we all know how that story ended, Goliath had an awesome time watching David bust out sweet moves on his mountain bike. So we aimed to do the same.

Shows through the day were met with intrigue and excitement. The FMX show is a regular feature of the Pro Nationals, traveling to all of the stops of the series. We were there as something new, from a time before petrol and noise, and although behind us was a 60foot jump and the nations best MX riders were watching, there was an incredible amount of appreciation for the skills performed by Blake and Martyn. As motorbike fans themselves, the respect was mutual for the madness busting out all around us.

As the sun faded, the evening turned to dusk and day one’s racing came to an end, the flood lights were powered up, and preparations were made for the final bike show, to be immediately followed by the FMX.

Night shows always make for a great atmosphere, and here was no different. Everyone at the event came over for the spectacle including the race teams, and the energy was fantastic. Blake and Martyn got stuck in straight away, working hard to show that pedal power can be just as powerful as engines when it comes to entertainment.

The show was fast paced and you could tell by the cheers of support, as the tricks progressed that as always, the audience had been won over! And as the guys lapped up their final applause it was time to hand over to Christian Stephenson who introduced the riders including Animal team rider Jamie Squibb, and took us on a journey through the world of FMX.

The show was finished but the energy continued into the night at the party tent led by the sounds of Christian’s beats. And the ABT team held their heads high as they packed down ready to set sail into the night from whence they had come.